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Coat hanger, left to rust on a pole
Forbidden memory of a time long past
A shoe in the dirt with a hole for a sole
Nothing holds on that ever lasts

Who were you, where did you go
Sweet stranger, vagabond passing through
One day there, five, ten years ago
Gone again now and I can’t find you

Stepping stone to a long free fall
Shared moments of trust, a friendly hand
Never said goodbye, never even knew you at all
Regrets surface with spring at hand

Who were you, why did you leave
Who gave you permission to haunt my dreams
One day there, you made me believe
Then took my heart apart at the seams

Hard to let go of something that was never mine
Like a fistful of sand, you seep out but never disappear
No longing to have, just wonder down the line
And I blame you for my biggest fear

Who were you, what was the point
Was it all just a lie
Did any of you not aim to disappoint
Or did you just die

Can Hardly Breathe

Like candlelight gone in a puff
Stormed out of the vicegrip in a huff
Too tight or not enough air, hot balloon filled with fear
Crushed, as my chest, between doubts and neverland
Minds that never rest, hearts about to lie
The empty, the void, this hole without a fitting piece
Our puzzle, unfinished, a table full of melting ice

I can hardly breath when I think about the memories
Can hardly speak, only words that come out are hollow
Shed this skin that had grown into a shell, step out of this hell
Only to find fingers flailing, failing, the chipped china is falling
It was going to break anyway

The sighs are heavy and the rain raging cold outside my head
No more tears to cry, no grudges to hold, no violence to make
This storm inside cannot start, still as a stump, stop me from stalling
Drag me out of this hole, the mud swallows me whole
There isn’t a single word I could say that would mend us today

I can hardly breath, it’s like my lungs are filled with sand
Can hardly keep my eyes open to see it all unfold before me
I should be free, I should be happy, I should be sad
I should feel something, anything, think for myself again

Back and forth, a pendulum, the power of propulsion
Weaknesses or strengths, the will of this strange devotion
No one to blame, no crimes, no sins, no unholy battle
Just all our hopes slowly slaughtered like random cattle
As we watched them fade away, side by side, in disarray
Crazy as it seems, you don’t even have to ask me to stay

But I can hardly breath, parts of me are long gone missing
I can barely sleep, take a leap, feel like sheep, I walk along
It’s a tough awakening that I knew was coming
And all I want is to pretend it isn’t so, that we didn’t let go

Ends are beginnings, enlightening, are you listening?
Means have meaning, life has to be living, love should come with healing
Doors and numbers, a key to engrave, treasure chests and medieval quests
If luck has it this lock will unlock when we clock the right amount of time
This crazy merry go round will come to a halt, eventually

Until I can breath again, I know none of this was in vain
It hurts to remember but it’s worse when the facts are shoved under
Until I can see the end, please hold my hand

I’ll do the same for you







I thought this was exaggerating until I wore a t-shirt outside today and realized it was -23.

Thankfully we’re not that bad, but I did get excited about a warm day before realizing it was -7.

… y’all need jesus.

I was so confused until I remembered Canadians use Celsius.

LMAO, that’s so true! Kind of >_>






How English sounds to non-English speakers

English speakers, I assure you that this is very accurate! I can understand English much better now, but this is pretty much what I was able to get when I started to slowly learn your language: I suppose it’s normal, but I could just understand sentences like “yeah sure” (or “fucking asshole”, since swear words are always the easier to learn XD) and an occasional word here and there.

I wonder how much they studied to be able to build this little movie, because it’s really impressive and well done!

Oh my god, that was the MOST frustrating thing because it felt like I should understand the whole thing but I could only understand a few words and augh!

Welcome to our confusing world 8DD

This is PRICELESS. Like seriously, brilliant.


I hate to admit it, but certain people, especially the ones with accents, still sound like this to me xD

Love the irony that the song in the background at the beginning in is french xD

Genius! <3

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